Covid-19: It’s time to get REAL #4 NNN

Covid-19: It’s time to get REAL #4 NNN

The UK government response to Covid-19 has ignored crucial scientific and statistical data. As another lockdown of our predominantly healthy population looms, I argue that it is time to broaden the spectrum of acceptable opinion and consider alternative science and strategies being advanced by stellar intellectuals, including Carl Heneghan, Jonathan Sumption, Stanford University’s Niall Ferguson, Simon Jenkins, Peter Hitchens and Ivor Cummins.

 References and Further Reading

Charlotte Pickering’s critically acclaimed Messiah of the Slums novel went to second edition in 2017 with a Foreword by Booker Prize Chair and UK Member of Parliament, Gerald Kaufman. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and now Master of Magdalen College Cambridge, wrote an Afterword to this edition. As Catherine Harrison, she works as a music teacher, director, arranger and producer. She lives in Liverpool with her children and various pianos.



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